What is Silicolight ?

Alternative to colored light bulbs

You want colored light bulbs but they're expensive and you don&'t want to have boxes full of them ? How about keeping your low enery fluorescent or LED lights and adding Silicolights ! Choose your favorite color and just light it !

The simplest interior design idea

Silicolight Classics are available in 2 different transparencies: Bright and soft.

Bright color : Allows to change the color of the light while keeping a good level of brightness in the room.

Soft color : Perfect for a warm and cosy atmosphere for watching a movie, a candle light dinner, a game of poker, or as a nightlight for the kids or when they have a sleepover. Silicolights measure 42mm in diameter and 60mm in depth.

  • They are easily adaptable to bulbs from 42mm to 45mm in diameter.

  • For bulbs with a diameter greater than 45mm, the use of a silicon lubricant or any other heat resistant lubricant is highly recommended in order to avoid damaging the bulb.

  • For bulbs with diameters between 39mm and 42mm, Silicolights will easily hold on if you add a rubber band between the bulb and the Silicolight. To create the ideal band, take a white Silicolight and cut 5mm off its opening end and then slide this band from the top of the bulb downward. This will hold your Silicolight in place.

Just light it !

Silicolight - Spot lights

Silicolight Spot lights, available in 10 colors and one level of transparency, are specially designed to fit fluorescent and LED spot lights. With a diameter of 50mm, they are a perfect fit for most of the standard size spot lights you can find in stores. Not only will they give your lighting the color you want, they will make your LED lights less eye-straining with a softer beam.


Compact fluorescent bulbs do emit a small amount of UV rays that may have a tendency to fade the pigments in the silicone. Some models will emit more UV rays than others. The most UV sensitive colors among the Silicolights are: bright pink, purple, red and orange. Yellow, blue and green are not affected by UV rays. LED lights do not affect the color pigments of the Silicolights as they do not emit UV rays.